Monday, 21 April 2014



Whilst on my Instagram. Looking through the feeds of an array of fashion bloggers, I saw one item of clothing that kept on popping up into my screen. A pastel blue high neck dress printed with a lot of eyes!! So I decided it was going STRAIGHT onto my wish list. This dress is absolutely gorgeous and incredibly unique!! I'm  a very big fan of high neck clothing so that was an added bonus. 

This dress is located in the 'tfr' section when you click into dresses. This Zara dress is only £25.99 which for Zara, is brilliant considering the designer feeling of this dress *ahem* (KENZOOO!).

The link for this dress is 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

My impression of the naked palette

Everyone and I mean, everyone has been raving about the naked palette and I couldn't see why? It's only an eye shadow palette? I could have never been more wrong. First off, I've been wanting a well pigmented, neutral eye shadow palette that I could use daily, and then I came across the urban decay naked palette. 

When I finally grabbed at the chance and purchased the naked palette one, my first impression was pure excitement. I felt as if I was 5 again, ripping away at the packaging to see what was inside. The palette was so smooth and luxurious, you could definitely tell it was a high end product. The whole look was just absolutely gorgeous. Btw the naked palette is at a hefty price tag of £37.50, I wasn't really expecting any drawbacks. 

Too make things even more excellent and truly exciting, urban decay have thrown in a travel sized 'eyeshadow primer potion' and the 'good karma shadow brush'. I absolutely adore the shadow brush that comes with it because of the excellent quality. I use the brush just to pat a base colour onto my eye lid or I use the tip to brush under a darker colour below my waterline for a little glam and definition.

My favourite colours in the naked palette are: 'half baked', 'dark horse' & 'hustle'. 

Fistly, I use the 'primer potion' all over my eyelid and brow bone. I then pat 'half baked' onto the eyelid and inner corner of my eye (sometimes I apply it below my lash line, to accentuate the eyes.) After that I go and use my mac 'benefit shadow brush' to line my crease with the colour 'hustle'. To blend, I use my 'mac 217' and I blend the eyeshadows together. To finish off I use my 'mac 217' and dab it in the colour 'dark horse', and create a C shape along my crease. If I want my eyes too me quite dark and dramatic, I go along and use my 'mac 217' and use the colour 'creep' to the outer corner of my eye. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Review: LUSH sex bomb aphrodisiac bath bomb

So, my first ever review on my blog, infact my first ever post and and it shall be to this absolutely amazing bath bomb from the faultless LUSH. I know it's quite much to do one post on just one bath bomb, but seriously, this bath bomb does wonders. Firstly, to start off this bath bomb contains Jasmine which is an ancient aphrodisiac, which (ahem) increases sexual desire. Hence the name 'sex bomb'. Jasmine is also used as aromatherapy to ease stress and anxiety. Sex bomb also contains the oils Ylang Ylang and clary sage. Ylang Ylang oil is famed for soothing worries and it also an anti-depressant (they use Ylang Ylang oil in aromatherapy to treat depression) whilst clary sage clears the mind and is an anti-depressant (Clary Sage Oil can boost self esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, thereby efficiently fighting depression.) So, perfect for a little pick-me up after a long day at school/college/work or just having a rough afternoon. 

Secondly, what I love about this bath bomb is that once you pop it into a steaming bath, the bath bomb just erupts into the water and fizzes, to create a beautiful dreamy pink colour in the water, and let's out the amazing Jasmine smell which fills the house. When you think the bath bomb has dissolved, an array of petals made out of rice paper fills the rim of your bath which in my opinion, is very romantic. I've got to say, when I used it last week, I felt amazing, as the air was filled with Jasmine oil and I was sat in pink bath water with petals floating around me. Perfect. I'm glad to say there was no drawbacks what's so ever, and I can say strongly that this has got to be one of the best bath bombs and products from lush I have ever bought. For only £3.25 each you can have a bath just like royalty surrounded by petals, perfect to end a stressful day. 

I really hope you liked my first ever blog post. Please comment any suggestions on what you would like me to post next. Thankyou x <a href="">Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>

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